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Motiva AI – The A.I Brain Behind the Modern Marketing Technology Stack

By July 7, 2017 No Comments

Motiva AI CEO David Gutelius speaking with Justin Jones about how Motiva AI became the AI brain for Marketing Technology Stacks


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Justin Jones and David Gutelius (Founder, CEO Motiva AI) discuss the future of AI Marketing and how Motiva AI has become the brain for the modern Marketing Technology Stack. Huge industry changes are coming in 2018 and Motiva AI is solving tomorrows challenges – today!


01:38 David Gutelius’ Background
04:00 About Motiva AI – The Brain for Marketing Technology Stacks
06:30 Customer Data, Insights and the use of AI
10:30 Finding potential customers and customer groups you didn’t know existed
12:30 Using AI to augment human performance
13:30 Using ‘probes’ to learn about customers and improve marketing performance
14:25 Data requirements for creating marketing ‘magic’
16:55 Integrated Solution – The Brain for Marketing Technology Stacks
19:00 AI marketing trends
20:00 Machines and humans working side-by-side (Augmentation vs. Automation)
20:45 Deep Learning
21:10 AI enabled spam technology will significantly impact marketing
22:35 Will personal assistants impact how we market to customers
24:22 Advise for businesses looking to implement AI


  • Motiva AI is a brain for your marketing technology stack. It uses cutting-edge machine learning to automatically adapt marketing campaigns and engage your customers. It delivers your best possible campaign – every time.
  • Motiva AI works with your existing marketing automation stack to deliver improved performance
  • How Motiva AI Helps Marketers
    • Predict – Motiva AI define an audience and any number of variations of messaging, and Motiva AI executes your best campaign
    • Engage – Motiva AI learns by listening deeply to your customers and understanding what moves them
    • Optimize – Motiva AI organically adapts campaign strategy based on customer behavior for the best possible results
  • Motiva AI focuses on helping businesses build better (and more insightful) relationships with their customers
  • Motiva AI is significantly more advanced (and effective) than traditional A/B testing – helping find potential customers and customer groups you didn’t know existed
  • Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is a long way from becoming a reality. The immediate value comes from Narrow Artificial Intelligence (NAI) and augmenting humans – so machines and humans working side-by-side
  • The next generation of AI enabled spam technology will impact how marketers manage push campaigns – expect to see this technology in 2018
  • For businesses looking to implement AI – proceed thoughtfully and ‘go slow’


Motiva – delivering your most effective campaign – every time