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reDock A.I Revolutionizes How Companies Respond to RFPs – Quicker, Cheaper and more Accurately

By June 24, 2017 No Comments

reDock CEO & Founder, Pierre-Olivier Charlebois speaking with Justin Jones about using A.I to Revolutionize how Companies Respond to RFPs


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Justin Jones spoke with Pierre-Olivier Charlebois, CEO and Founder of reDock – a company that has revolutionized how organizations complete Request for Proposals (RFPs) through leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (A.I). RFPs can now be completed quickly, cost-effectively and more accurately – reDock is a game-changer in this space.


1:11 Pierre-Olivier Charlebois Background (from video game to A.I for business)
2:32 Turing Test
3:35 The Challenges with RFPs
5:05 How reDock uses A.I in its technology
6:25 How reDock processes RFPs – cutting costs and increasing accuracy
7:23 Matching people to projects
8:36 reDock Implementation
9:55 reDock – which customers benefit most from the solution
11:28 Market Focus
12:53 A.I Trends
14:11 Controlling games with your brain
14:55 (Simple AI Podcast)
15:25 Evolution of dedicated computing
16:29 Advise for first time A.I users


  • The challenge with RFPs are that they are complex, time-consuming and expensive to complete.  You’ll never accelerate your bidding approach without solving your dark data problem. A.I enabled reDock, eliminates the headaches and costs of completing RFPs
  • Rapid Content Discovery Scales Capacity
  • A.I software is increasingly being supported by hardware, making software even better.
  • A.I tools have been democratized thus opening the A.I opportunity to all companies – this is partly why we’re seeing the recent growth in smart solutions.
  • First time A.I Users, just start adopting cloud based software (e.g. Salesforce or reDock) as it is very likely that A.I will be baked into the technology and will be kept up-to-date as it is a SaaS solution.
  • We are seeing an increased adoption on Conversational A.I, which is changing how we interact with technology


reDock – accelerating RFP responses with Artificial Intelligence