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Marketing + A.I Workshops
for Toronto (GTA) Businesses

Being a new initiative, we are pushing hard to build a community of like-minded marketers who recognize that the marketing landscape is evolving, but don’t know how to leverage the opportunity presented by Artificial Intelligence.

To help accelerate the growth of the Simple A.I for Marketers community, we are offering workshops for those businesses eager to capitalize of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Sales and Marketing will soon be obsolete as we know it today. Discover how your business can thrive in the ‘brave new world’ – before your competitor does.

The optimal group size is usually between 10-15 people, however with the appropriate facilities we can scale. Reach out and let’s discuss how best to share our knowledge with your marketing team.

Are You an A.I Expert?

If you are an A.I expert or your company provides a best-in-class A.I marketing solution – let's talk. We are having conversations with the world’s most brilliant minds on how to deliver exponential marketing performance through strategically applying Artificial Intelligence to the sales funnel.

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